Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wet N Wild~Gel creme eyeliner

When I got this gel eyeliner, I was very Excited about trying it... have heard so many good things about it and I mean it was a steal for the price.

I have had this product for about 4 or 5 months now, and this is what I have to say about it.
If you've never tried before any gel eyeliner,   this is a great start point.

It's very affordable, very black, nice and smooth and you truly get more than what you pay for.

Now there's only a couple of things you need to know, even though I like this gel eyeliner, I can sincerely tell you, is not my favorite.
I feel my other gel eyeliners(Maybelline, Loreal and my all time favorite Inglot) are much creamier.
This Wet N Wild gel eyeliner, is great when you firstly use it, but as time goes I find it to dry to the point that gets flaky and hard to do a "winged eyeliner." you will have the struggle of your life!

I can also tell you, I don't like the packaging, it's plastic  and it feels cheap... again we're talking about drugstore and affordable prices(what do we expect, right?).

I just Think they can truly vamp up their packaging, I find that the lid on this, doesn't close very well.
So if you don't use this very often. You'll run into problems, once more the product drying on you.

The one amazing thing I found about this product, is crazy pigmented, if you put it on your waterline doesn't transfer or irritates(my very sensitive eyes), doesn't move or smudge either.

After all of the things I've said, here are my final thoughts.
if you are a black waterline rocker chick, get this!
Is creamy and doesn't move, if you tighline(use a gel eyeliner or pencil on the upper rim of the eye) with this and decide to go for that bright cream color on the waterline(bottom rim of the eye) theres not going to be any mixing of the colors and so you won't have that grey look after a few minutes of putting this on.
Just don't use it as an eyeliner after i'd say 2 months, because it'll be too dry to make a clean smooth line.

So here are a few photos for you guys to see the consistency of the gel eyeliner after a few months.

So yeah there you go guys, hope this is helpful and talk to you all soon!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes waterproof kohl eyeliner, Mac Smolder kohl eyeliner, Wet N Wild Gel creme eyeliner (L to R)

The packaging isn't horrible, but because of the cap it fires down supper fast.

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