Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just a friendly greeting.

Well, Hello there...

My Name is Antonio, if you haven't figure that out yet.
I am  freelance makeup artist and decided to make a blog, seems like fun as well as a helpful way to promote, grow, visualize and give a little bit of help, to those who need it.
So what got me into makeup? Well there are a few answers
I got into makeup, because I always was interested in the way it can transform and make someone evolve and change.
By this I mean, when you know you're feeling down and like your confidence is slapping you on the face, you wanna feel pretty and one thing lead to another, I started to watch YouTube videos...
At the time PETRILUDE was my idol, I took so much knowledge out of him and videos, sadly he doesn't make them as often anymore, but oh well.
I saw all the beauty makeup, fascinating as well as that kinda thing that can free your soul.
from beauty all the way to special FX, you mix things and I love that. Lets just say I've got a bit of a chemist complex ;-)
I am not extremely sure what am I going to be posting, but you can expect, Makeup looks, Reviews, Life experiences and all the non sense that comes with me.
Now I encourage you to ask me, practice and don't let anyone throw your dreams in the toilet.
Give it all you got, regardless of what you want, you shall see it coming to life.

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