Friday, February 7, 2014

ELF~ Bronzer/Blush DUO.

So I've been a fan of bronzers for a while, you know the whole bronzy summer glow, but I normally would only use matte bronzers, I  use bronzers depending on the shade as either a contour or  to warm up the face(which I believe s the correct way to use a bronzer), not that is wrong to use as a contour.

I bought the ELF Contour Bronzer/ Blush Duo a while ago, really I would never use it, until about a month ago.
I decided to give it a try and for my surprise I fell in love with it. It's a powder, but it's very creamy, it does have some micro shimmer, but nothing to be alarmed about.
On my skin tone, the shimmer seems to disappear.
giving me just this gorgeous, glow that instantly brightens and warms up my face!
How I use this Bronzer is I take it on a large fluffy powder brush( Bdellium Tools Brush #964) and dust it lightly(at first) over the perimeter of my face that is cheeks, forehead, temples and jaw bone. try to think of it as a number 3 when applying it to your face.
You know just for that bronzy appearance, I am glad I decided to give this baby a try... Because I seem to only reach for it lately.
I'd say is good for medium skin tones, though i've tried it in a model with very fair skin and it worked, just take most of the product off of the brush!
As Far as how it wears off, I have no problem with it, wear pretty nice, if you think you applied too much, just buff it out with a clean brush and then add something like FIX+ by mac to take away the powdery look.
One other thing the shade I have is St. Lucia and the blush on this one is very light, so on my skin is just a flush of color, I don't ming it though, I love this product.

Here are a couple of photos for you to see how this looks on my skin, you be the judge! 

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