Monday, March 10, 2014


I picked up this product a couple of months ago, hence the long wait to review, but i wanted to make sure I had a solid opinion about this eyeshadow primer and let me tell you... I was fascinated and believe me i've tried plenty of this things, from UrbanDecay to PaintPots and i can tell you this one is one of my top choice there is...

Why?! you may be asking yourself.
For starters is a very easy thing to find in most drugstores that carry Wet N Wild.
The staying power is amazing, i've showered with this thing and i have to say is very water resistant, if you rub off vigorously is the only way this'll come off.
Oh and it'll prevent any eyeshadows from creasing, I've used it up to 10 hours and it's not done any funny stuff on my eyelids.
iT is translucent, so if you suffer from any dark pigmentation on your eyelids, this will not take care of that. That's the only thing you might not like this, but other than that give this one a try if you are new to eyeshadow primers, I am sure you will like it...

Let me know what's you favorite primer!

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