Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Origins~ United State Balancing Tonic.

Toners? what exactly are they?

Well as some of you know is just another step on  skin care regimen and I used them... Price range and different targeted skin care conditions such as aging, oil control or acne are some of the claims some toners have.
I really only use toner if I have been wearing makeup, we all need to take good care of our skin, right?
I think primarily these products are targeted for people with acne prone skin.
why because a lot of them have alcohol( Which if you din't know is bad for the skin), having alcohol in any skin care product will be counterproductive and it'll damage your skin more than it can help...
Check the ingredients specially if you have a toner from the drugstore!

 Now that's out of the way, I'd say I hated using toners on my dry/combination skin, why?
Simply because it would cause my dry patches to flake and get irritated and all those terrible things.
Now remember that Not because a product is working for me, means it'll work for you!
Is kind of like finding that perfect aroma in a perfume, you won't know you love it until you try it.

Going back to the main subject of this post, which is reviewing the Origins United State Balancing Tonic, I'll tell you my only complaint is that smells kinda weird, not in a bad way. Just one of those smells you don't like, but not necessarily hate. To me it smells kind of like oregano or something like that.
The Toner works wonderfully, It made my skin feel refreshened and I could feel how all of the other products( such as my serum and moisturizer) would be absorbed by my skin much easier.
I found while I was using this baby, my skin problems A.K.A. pimples( I hate that word),  were diminished and I felt it was that something I was needing.

As far as pricing goes, it's not overly crazy expensive and it'll last you for a good while.
I think this lasted me a good 6 or 7 months, I would ONLY USE IT AT NIGHT.

The formula is design to exfoliate on a very low scale the skin and in my case it never burt or felt like my face was gonna splat on the ground... Again be careful if you decide to use any products out there.

No parabens, mineral oil, Dyes or Fragrances... Which I find its good...

My only concern was yes it has alcohol, though for some reason my skin loved it... so I guess like i will forever say, try it test it and toss it away if it ain't working!

Now for those that refuse to use anything with alcohol, use witch hazel or rose water.
I can tell you i love those two, i've been using witch hazel and I think, thanks to the Origins toner my skin got on that stage of  don't break out as much as i used to and following up with witch hazel is the cherry to top of the cake, or is it ice-cream? haha anyway, remember it takes WEEKS to find out if something is working or not as far as skin care goes, so if something isn't working don't give up on the product.
Just simply give it a bit of time.

Hope you enjoy this review, like always have a fantastic day! Xoxo Antonio.

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