Friday, March 14, 2014

Favorite Brushes...

We all know that tools are essential to any kind of artistry and the way they help the artist, that's why I'll be making this kind of posts every once in a while telling you guys what are my current favorite brushes!

I'll be splitting them in to 3 main groups Eyes, Face and Lips... This doesn't mean thats the only way you could use a brush, remember it is important to adapt such tools to your own necessities!
An example of this would be my NYX concealer brush, this brush is meant for concealer, has a square tip and is synthetic, what do I use it for?! Not concealing, that's for sure!
Instead I love to use this brush to apply lipstick to the lips, crust perfect edges every time.

Eyes ~ Let's start with the classic 217 brush by MAC, this brush has made it clear why it's one of the most loving multi tasking brush by many  and i could say almost every makeup artist has at least one of these babies...
Why do they love it, simply one of the best blending brushes out there, yes like everything this brush has it's down sides too.
Why? very simple, the size, I love it to blend out a color i already applied on the eyelid or crease, but for me it's too big and sometimes not the most softest of the brushes as well.
having said that you can't go wrong with blending brush...
You can use it for many things add a flush of color all over the eyelid, to blend out eyeshadow, to contour your nose, to apply your concealer, to highlight and i've even seen a couple of makeup artists using it to apply that kind of "bitten" look on the lips.
So there you go, let me know if these are of your interest and let me know as well, how do you use them.
I'd love to pick up a few tricks here and there ;-)

oh and if you don't know how this brush looks, here is a photo of it too!

oh and you can buy it here!

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