Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life gets busy :-)

Alright a quicky here, I have been a bit busy, I am working on an online series which I been a little stressed out, don't get me wrong the people there are amazing to work with...
I am one of the makeup artists on the crew, but there are 6 of us.
My friend Erica got me this oportunity, and as expected is been drainful.
my friend says we got makeup hang over lol
I did the makeup for a few people, around 8 to 10 I don't remember, but I am loving it...
The challenge for me was that they were going to be filming in HD, which is scary alright, which as I was reading on temptalia. com a good makeup for HD should not be visible for the makeup artist, which means sheer makeup...
I was stressed out because I wasn't sure how I was going to manage to cover up acne without an aribrush(which is still hard for me to do.)
Anyway, keep it clean and keep it simple I would say, when doing this kind of makeup and whtever you do don't bring glitter :-(
I mean I love glitter, but Gurl you better get that when you do drag.
anyway just a tiny update ;-)

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