Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Product comparison Bioderma VS. Vichy

Okay as we know, there appear to be dupes of everything out there...
But sadly a lot of the time they are not even close to look alike, maybe the texture is different or the way they apply, many different factors.
I am all for it, if is cheap and work just as great as the real thing, but otherwise is just a waste of time, energy and a lot of money.
So I heard a few people talking about this two makeup removers that are very alike, guess what?!
They are NOT!
so which products am I talking about? The all famous french brand makeup remover "Bioderma" and "Vichy Purete Thermal 3 in 1" wow that's a mouthful :-p
Anyway, this two makeup removers work really well, but obviously each has their own complete different thing that they do...
 Alright, so Bioderma is overall great to to take any eye makeup right off your eyelids, but the thing is that if you get this thing in your eye it'll sting like a total B&%* and pretty much that is the only bad thing I really found about this, oh wait I forgot to say sometimes I like this kind of products with a little bit of a nice very low smell, this one has no scent whatsoever, nothing bad with that, but this is really good if you are easily annoyed by those strong smells.
The down side of this, is that is extremely expensive at least here in the US, I got this bottle you see above and it was about $35.00 Dollars and and you get 500 ml or 16.9 fl. oz.
which is not bad, I mean at the end you just have to use very little, but I like to soak the cotton pad on my eye and leave it there for about a minute or so, it'll break down any makeup without any greasy residue left behind.
Now this one, I love it, is perfect for sensitive eyes and won't irritate them, at least not on mine ;-)
Again I cannot say i won't cause yours any irritation, but it has a great smell, think of a soothing barely there roses scent, that i personally love <3
I am big on things that smell good or when they pretty much make me sick, i will speak my mind, so when I say somethings smells good you better trust me.
Anyway the only down side is that t does take a lot longer to take makeup off and you end up wasting more product that the bioderma, but you know what is awesome to clean up any little mistakes you might make during the makeup process, specially close to the eyes, because is an oil free makeup remover, it will not break down any makeup and because is very gentle it won't makeup people tear up to the point you have to redo their whole eye makeup.
this is around $17.00 Dollars and is 200 ml or 6.76 fl. oz.
which yes it would be add up to be probably more that the bioderma one, but because is easier to get here in the US I'm sticking with this one...
Either way both are awesome, so here is more of what you prefer more than if one is better than the other.
Every now and then I might go and get the Bioderma, but hey Ulta is much closer than France.
Like always this products were bought with my money and no one paid me to do this "Clash"
I wouldn't mind for this two awesome makeup removers though (laughing.)
links to where you can get them are below much luck Antonio :-)

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